The NVIDIA SHIELD Portable is for the hardcore PC gamer. This handheld game console’s selling point is that it allows wireless PC game streaming. You have probably seen this PlayStation Vita commercial where the guy goes from his couch playing his PlayStation, to playing his PlayStation Vita, all the while playing the same game and never losing his spot. Imagine this with PC games?

The NVIDIA SHIELD Portable combines a handheld gaming device, and Android tablet into a single device. This handheld gaming system is made of an eight-button console-size controller with dual analog sticks, and a 5-inch “multi-touch, retinal” screen.  The Android tablet runs the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop so you also have easy access to all your Android Games. Of course since it is a tablet you can do Skype, Twitter, Spotify, et cetera.

Combining the capabilities of a tablet and handheld gaming console, the NVIDIA SHIELD Portable sets the bar for other mobile gaming devices.