In the America, the craft beer market has exploded.  Each year, each season, it seems as if beer aficionados clamor and debate over “the next great brewery”.  With the summer of 2015 almost over, the debate has come to a standstill, and everyone agrees that the official alcoholic drink of this summer is “Not Your Father’s Root Beer”.

Brewed by Small Town Brewery in Wauconda, Illinois “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” is hitting shelves everywhere. It’s may be hitting shelves (thanks to distribution with Pabst) but it will be quite difficult to find.  “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” is exactly what it sounds like. This beverage is alcoholic root beer (5.9% ABV) that you want to keep away from all kids. The aroma and flavor are pure root beer and the alcohol is imperceptible. It tastes so good, and goes down like any regular soda, drink with caution.

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