Nokia Body Cardio Scale

Nokia Body Cardio Scale

Some of us want more out of our scale than just a number. We want our weight, body fat, BMI, fancy charts/graphs, and we want it all synced to our phone. There are a number of scales on the market that do that. Unfortunately for those other scales, Nokia's (aka Withings) Body Cardio Scale improves on these elements, and adds a few new ones.

The scale provides a comprehensive picture of your health. Step on the scale, and get your BMI, body fat and water percentage, and muscle and bone mass. The weight is highly precise, and the scale touts accuracy to within 0.2 pounds of your actual weight. The fat mass/muscle mass indications help you identify an area of your health to target. Do you want to lose fat, or build muscle? Sometimes it's difficult to identify your goal correctly if you aren't sure what your body composition actually looks like.

Up to 8 users can be tracked independently and synced with the companion Health Mate app. If you're a family man, you (and your spouse) will appreciate the bonus weight features. Pregnancy Tracker is a mode providing personalized weight racking for expecting mothers and guides them through their pregnancy with tips and advice. If you already have a child, you can him/her up and put the scale in Baby Mode for keeping an automated diary of your child's growth.

The unique feature however, is the Pulse Wave Velocity measurement. This feature measures the speed of the pressure wave caused by your heartbeat. This measurement was previously only available in a conventional medical setting, but Nokia has developed this scale to allow anyone to access this measurement in just a few minutes. It's a revolutionary way to assess your heart health at home, without needing to go to the doctor's office for an elaborate test.

While this device is just a scale that will likely sit on the floor in your bathroom, that's not a reason to shirk on the design. This scale comes in an elegant white or subtle black design. The body is a solid aluminum which is only 0.7 inches thick. It is undoubtedly the most aesthetically pleasing scale I have seen yet.

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