The backpack that carries you. Movpack is changing the way we commute to work or head to classes.

Movpack is an electric skateboard, which folds into a backpack. Or possibly a backpack which lays out to an electric skateboard. Regardless, Movpack’s fold-up and fold-down function can be done in a single motion. Movpack can hit speeds of 20 mph (30 km/h) and can last for up to 14 miles (20km). While Movpack weighs around 17 lbs (7,7 kg), folded back into the backpack you can grab the handle and wheel it like you do with your luggage. Like most electric skateboards, you control Movpack with a Bluetooth controller which controls the throttle speed. While the skateboard may look odd with the backpack on the back of the board, this can help stabilize the board for novice riders. You don’t need to be Tony Hawk to enjoy Movpack, but it does help if you have previous board-riding experience.

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