The new smart band from Microsoft. Microsoft called a play from straight from Apple’s playbook last week, announcing this item and releasing it the following day. After one week, this item has proven to be a hot sell, with Microsoft only selling them in limited quantities they are selling out fast. This is first party hardware, with software created for the big three mobile platforms (iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone). Microsoft’s Smart Band is built to help unify all aspects of health and fitness tracking. Whether you’re looking to track your heart rate, calorie count, or sleeping habits, this device is built with the best collection of sensors in the industry to help monitor your activity. Combined with the powers of Microsoft Health, Microsoft’s cloud service software companion to this device, the minimal wearable helps guide you to more productive workouts as it learns about your limits and habits. Some additional features that make this product even more exciting is the inclusion of GPS, and UV monitoring.

Sporting low energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology, your new every day companion sports a battery life of around 48 hours, so you don’t have to charge it daily.

The health revolution is here. Get tracking now.