LyteShow - Rapid Rehydration

LyteShow - Rapid Rehydration

Every now and then, we enjoy going out and having a good time. Typically, alcohol is involved with these nights out. At that moment in time – during the night – we are stuck in the moment, and fail to see the repercussion of our actions in the next day. It is bound to happen to the best of us, so why not put forth a little effort to alleviate the next day nuisance.

LyteShow is an electrolyte concentrate for rapid rehydration. Each bottle containing about 40 servings, or 40 times relieving you of that terrible morning illness – the hangover.

This handy little prescription is geared towards the active person who enjoys going out to drink.  This bottle of sunshine adds no calories, no sugars, or no artificial junk.

All you got to do is drink a serving size before the night and in the morning. But, to be honest, it is more than a hangover cure in a bottle. This formula can be used to replenish electrolytes, prevent muscle cramps, and help you recover quickly from tiring exercises.

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