Luzon Del Día

Luzon Del Día

Travel with a little more personality.

Created by Cotopaxi, the Luzon Del Día is an 18L daypack made from repurposed ripstop nylon.  These backpacks are perfect daypacks rather you are climbing, hiking traveling to the beach, or just need a sack to help you lug all your stuff around town. Each Luzon Del Día backpack is different. Instead of creating a set of patterns that their manufacturers needed to abide too, Cotopaxi gave each factory worker the freedom to customize the color pattern of each pack. This creates a more personal connection between creator and user.

Made with pride from the Philippines the Luzon Del Día will definitely make you stand out from the heard. These packs can take a considerable amount of abuse and will look good on just about anyone.

Part of the fun too, once ordered, you’ll have no idea what color scheme your Luzon Del Día will be until it gets to your doorstep.

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