Lockpick School in a box

Lockpick School in a box

Admit it. We all have a peculiar talents which we develop throughout our lifetime. Basketball, drawing, writing… you name it. These skills we derive can only help prepare us for the inevitable. Imagine this:

Early this day, you had too much on your mind; work, family, and a date with a women you’ve had your eye on for some time. Because of your cluttered mind, you locked the door without bringing the house keys.  After a long, albeit successful date, you invite the lady to join you for some coffee after dinner. She acquiesces (it is the first date after all). Both of you leave dinner and head toward your house. Finally, you reach your house and exit your car, excited to continue the date. You approach the door with every intention to get in, searching for the very key you left inside the house earlier. Now, you are stuck outside with a your date and embarrassment. You call your roommate, who decided to stay at his girlfriend that night, to come home and open the door. Your date decides it was getting too late anyway and drives home.

This unavoidable problem occurs in busy mans life. Oddly enough, if you had the lockpicking skills you could gained from a simple box, you would have not only impressed your date, but also been able to enjoy a cup of coffee, or two…

Learn lockpicking for yourself, check out the Lockpick School in a box.

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