Summer is ending and Fall officially starts tomorrow.  Clothes are shifting from shorts and t-shirts to jeans and sweaters.  It is time to re-do your wardrobe.  J Crew for men has been providing stylish, modern-looking wear since 1983.

oxford shirt

The oxford shirt was first mass-manufactured in Scotland, the origin and place of its birth.  The Oxford shirt, named after Oxford University, is the last of four shirts originally named from a university.  The others (Cambridge, Harvard and Yale) ceased from being produced.  Today, the style still stands.  Nothing ages better than an oxford shirt.  It is a timeless look.  Many agree that the oxford shirt is a style no man should go without. This black & red oxford look provides a classic look for the fall, and this shirt will remain one of your favorites. You can expect to get a quality shirt from J Crew.  The slim fit is perfect for the trim individuals.

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