Everyday I wake up, eat breakfast, shower, brush my teeth, get ready for work, and drive a short distance (luckily) to my office.  After my commute, I walk into my two-door, secured office building, greet the front desk security guard and get in my daily exercise – scale 5 flights of stairs. Then, I set down and get to work. Some days slightly veer from the norm, but you get where I am going.  To liven things up around the office, we started water tally; this was to see who consume to recommended amount of water consistently throughout the week.  Sad this provides some excitement to the week, but it is the little things that we should appreciate, right?

HidrateMe has come up with a smart water bottle which provides the functionality to keep track of your daily consumption quantities via smartphone app. So grab one of these smart water bottles and sync it to your smartphone so you can TCB (Take care of business).  It counts how much you drink, and glows to remind you that you need to stay hydrated.  Never lose in “at work water wars” again.

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