Helios Handlebars

Helios Handlebars

If you’re not willing to shell out the cash for one of those pricey “advanced” bicycles, the Helios Handlebars are a godsend. Simply swap your bike’s handlebars with the Helios Handlebars and your beautiful bike will come equipped with a built-in GPS, a 500-lumen headlight, a pair of rear-facing RGB LED indicators, and Bluetooth 4.0 for connecting to your smartphone.  It’s that easy!

The Helios Handlebars have a lot more to offer though. As you expect the RGB LED indicators you use as turn signals. But there is more to it if you download an iOS app called Helios Connect. First, if you connect the Helios Handlebars to Helios Connect you can change the color of the turn signals, but that’s not too exciting. The cool part is that  along with the Helios Connection app your Helios Handlebars can enable a speedometer function which changes the color of the LEDs depending on how fast you’re going; the app uses your phone’s GPS to determine your speed. For example, red means you might as well have been walking, while green indicates you’re a pumping your legs at around 30mph.

Every Helios handlebar comes with a low-power GPS and cellular connectivity. If you put in a prepaid SIM card you can track your bike from anywhere in the world. If you happen to lose your bike, you can send  it a text and you’ll get a reply with a Google Maps link to its current location. The GPS module lasts around 18 hours.

The Helios Handlebar comes in 3 styles: Bullhorn, Drop or Straight. So now matter your riding style Helios has you equipped.

This is the newest innovation in cycling. Helios has created the first smart-bike handlebars. Various magazines and websites have raved about the Helios Handlebars, so check out what everyone has been talking about.

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