For years, clothing stores and retailers have been looking for ways to improve margins, and reduce costs. Most of the time, this results in cheaper products, at the cost of quality. Every once in a while, you come across a brand who is able to achieve the affordable pricing most of us crave, with the quality we deserve. Gustin is a clothing company looking to provide men with high quality, affordable jeans. They are able to achieve this by crowdsourcing their products. Purchasers are able to “back” and item, and if they meet the predetermined order threshold, Gustin will deliver. If an item does not reach the minimum threshold to make it to production, you will never be charged a penny. With this business model, Gustin is able to reduce stock surplus that plagues many brick and mortar retailers, to deliver us great jeans. With this new business model in action, the same jeans they used to sell in retail stores for $200+ are now around $80 – $100. I’ve personally purchased 2 pairs, and I have my eye on one or two others.

Recently, Gustin has been getting into other men’s apparel, including shirts and shoes. Be sure to check out all of the available options in the Gustin Store. Click the link below to sign up and receive store credit towards your first purchase.

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