Goby Toothbrush

The Goby toothbrush is a well-designed electric toothbrush. Paired with the replacement head subscription and you have solved your toothbrush needs for a reasonable price.

Goby Toothbrush

For years, I used the Phillips Sonicare toothbrush which was $100 at the time of my purchase. While it was a pretty great toothbrush, I found it difficult to keep the base of the brush clean, and I always forgot to order new toothbrush heads when I needed them. Whenever I needed more toothbrush heads the most cost effective way was to purchase a pack of 5 from Costco, which was somewhere between $40 and $50 dollars. This means that I was spending approximately $8 to $10 dollars per toothbrush head, which I used for a couple of months and then threw away. This equated to approximately $100 a year for a single brush, and double that if you have a significant other with the same toothbrush.

A few times I attempted to find deals for these toothbrush heads on Ebay and even tried to purchase the cheaper 3rd party alternatives, which were never quite as good as the official replacement heads by Phillips.

I finally decided to escape from the hold of the captive pricing and found an alternative.

Goby produces a toothbrush that can be purchased for $65, or comes down to $50 if you also sign up for a subscription. At $50, this is a great value, and the subscription plan for 5$ every 3 months — or more frequently, if you prefer — means my costs are now around $20 a year. If you're not sure if this toothbrush is up to your standards, Goby also offers a 60 day trial.

The other nice feature the Goby toothbrush offers is the ability to time your brushing routine into 4 intervals of 30 seconds (2 minutes) which encourages you to spend 30 seconds on each quadrant of your mouth for an equal clean.

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