Fitbit just released three new products: fitness headphones, an updated Aria smart scale, and the headliner is the Fitbit Ionic Watch. As for the smartwatch, don't let the sleek design fool you, my friend, the watch comes packed with features you would expect from any high-end smartwatch.

Hurry up. The triathlon is about the begin. Line up at the starting line, you've prepared for this moment for months. You set your feet at the edge of the water, and you are poised to plop in the pond.


With the Fitbit on your wrist, you take one last glance at the watch to verify multiple sport mode is enabled. The gun fires. And you you are off. As you are freestyling through the first course, the smartwatch has you covered: 50 meters water resistance prevents you from having to take off the band as you swim. It is tracking your pace to ensure you aren't a stride behind.

After the laps have been logged, you prepare for the first transition. The fluid transition sets you in the lead as you mount your bike in no time. A quick glimpse at the Fitbit Ionic display reads you are on pace, you grasp the handlebars and position your feets on the pedals. As the tires hit the road, you enable the built-in GPS mode to track your time. Without a worry, the watch maps out your route and tracks the elevation gain, you can just focus on the path ahead. At the end, you can show off your time. But now, as you pedal, you place the Bluetooth headphones in both ears. The watch's wireless sync allows you to be hands-free; the need for wires is no longer.

Now for the second changeover. You place the bike on the pavement and gather your breath for the final course. Despite the wobbly feeling in your legs, you collect yourself enough to bring your wrist into plain sight. You check which zone your heart rate falls in between (using the watch's PurePulse simplified heart rate). Everything appears normal. You are positioned to clock in at your fastest time. As you lose motivation towards the end, the dynamic personal coaching feature on your watch tells you to speed up, the end is within sight.

Even though the race has ended, the Fitbit Ionic still hangs around. It lets you send off payments for a split check and tracks steps on an uneventful day. But today was eventful, you completed a triathlon. Get some rest (it even tracks your sleep stages and provides insights to improve your circadian rhythm).

Pre-Order / $299