After work one day, I decided to head up to the closest shops looking for some new attire. The streets were busier that day and the weather was brisk. Passersby stared at me while I tried to find an appealing store, and then I stopped. It wasn’t only the nearby pedestrians, but even those across the street. It seemed odd. I continued on as I glared inside the clear glass with the dressed mannequins inside, ignoring those gazing at me. Finally, a gentlemen brushed upon my shoulder, looked at me, and asked me where I got my jacket. I asked him if that was why everyone seemed to be looking at me. He politely nodded his head and insisted on me answering his first question. My reply, Everlane. He walked away, and those that eavesdropped seemed content that I said that out loud. One guy mumbled that it is finally time for him to get a bomber jacket and he purposefully grazed the material of my jacket as he skipped away.

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