After a long days work, some of us pull out a bottle of whiskey, plop ourselves on the couch, and read a book or watch TV. Whatever your after-work drinking routine is, you got to get yourselves one of these. A classy looking end table that doubles as your personal drinking cabinet. Have your alcoholic drink of choice arms reach from the couch. Yes, it may sound lazy, but it doesn’t get much better than that. All you have to do is fold one of the top halves of the mini bar down and create your own alcoholic concoction. It even folds over so you have a small area to place your mixer or measuring cups until you want another beverage. Stop using the traditional end tables, get a dual purpose mini bar/end table that looks classy at the same time. If you want to hide the alcohol, simply fold both halves up; it looks like a simple end table, and nothing else.

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