Dead Sara - Pleasure to Meet You

Dead Sara - Pleasure to Meet You

Dead Sara’s debut/self-titled album blew me away.  The album had everything you expect from great rock record. Heck, their debut album even caught the ears of Dave Grohl, where Grohl claimed that “Dead Sara should be the next biggest rock band in the world“. I couldn’t agree more with this statement; and with Pleasure to Meet You, Dead Sara prove themselves worthy to wear the crown.

Dead Sara’s sophomore effort brings some new ticks to their raw, rock sound. Album opener “Suicidal” shows off their heavier sound, and will have you screaming along as front-women Emily Armstrong yells, “We’re suicidal/C’mon raise your Bible”. If like me your introduction to the band was via their single from their debut “Weatherman“; “Suicidal” will get you comfortable for one hell of an album.

While most of Dead Sara’s debut was straight rock, on Pleasure to Meet You, Dead Sara incorporate more sounds and influences. The bluesy lead single “Mona Lisa” will have you humming, while album closer “For You I Am” will punch you in the gut. The album does lag a little bit in the middle, with Greaser’s being my least favorite track, but they pick right up couple songs later. Much like their debut, Pleasure to Meet You is one of the albums I can play in the car with friends, lift to, and just singalong in the car to. Isn’t that all we really want in a great rock album?

Favorite Tracks:

Mona Lisa
Mr. Mr.
For You I Am