Cyber Monday Deals

A few points to make before I give my recommendations:

Based on my skimming of the reviews, most of the poor reviews attached to these tvs are related to the “Apps” that comes with the tv…which no one should really use anyway, especially with an xbox hooked up to it that has more apps. To me, the hardware should be the only thing being reviews, software should be a separate review category.

Also, avoid anything 3D. Some manufacturers have already said that they will no longer be trying to make 3D Tvs, and 4K is the new way forward.

That being said, here are my recommendations:

This is the one I was going to get until Molly talked me down. In my opinion the best deal, but only has a 60hz refresh rate, 120hz would be better.

55′ Samsung 4K

Same as above, but has 120hz (this would help reduce motion blur for watching sports games and such), also sold at HHGreg for same price

55′ Samsung 4K 120hz