Correcting Your Posture with BetterBack

The BetterBack is a minimal yet effective product for anyone with poor posture or back pain. Comes with a 60 day risk-free trial.

Correcting Your Posture with BetterBack

My posture is terrible. Most of the day I slouch both forwards and backwards while sitting in front of a computer or on my couch. Once, I even went to see a Chiropractor to see if he had any suggestions on improving my posture. He recommended a few stretches after saying that my pectoral muscles were tight, which caused my shoulders to hunch forward and encouraged my subconcious slouching. While the stretches helped, I often forgot to do them and eventually stopped altogether.

One night I saw the BetterBack on Shark Tank and was intrigued, but shelved it in the back of my mind for later. A few months later a coworker mentioned that he had purchased one and noticed a difference after a few short days. He also mentioned that using the device made him more concious of his posture even while not using the device. I did my fair share of Googling, and went back to the product's website to see that they offered a 60 day risk-free trial. That was enough for me to shell out $50 to give the product a try.

The product was created by a sufferer of sciatica pain and originally funded via Indiegogo and Kickstarter where it raised three million dollars from tens of thousands of supporters.

The BetterBack is a minimal yet effective product. From the first moment of applying the BetterBack I felt my spine "click" into a place that felt natural and comfortable. After wearing for around 30 minutes I took off BetterBack and found myself slightly sore, in a good way. It vaguely reminded me of the feeling you get after a deep tissue massage.

After a few weeks of use I've started to notice improved posture while looking in the mirror. While not quite as drastic as the promotions on the product website, It's definitely had a noticeably positive effect.In addition to the physical relief and improved posture provided, portability is a built-in feature of the product as it comes with a built-in carrying case with a zipper. The grey/black design prevents it from raising too many of my coworkers's eyebrows.

If you are a sufferer of poor posture, this product comes highly recommended and can be purchased on Amazon.

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