Birchbox Man

Birchbox Man

Birchbox started as an idea by two women, to help women find and sample beauty products. With entire aisles of products, it was too difficult to find a product you liked. Even worse, if you purchased a product you find insufficient for your needs, you would be stuck with the rest of the bottle and usually end up throwing it out.

In 2010 Birchbox shipped their first boxes to women, and two years later began shipping boxes of grooming products for men, with BirchboxMan. The mission of the company is still the same: "Help customers find products they love". Now with 5 primary locations in New York, Belgium, France, Spain, and the UK, Birchbox is growing fast.

The men's box subscription starts at $10 per month. In each box, you receive five samples of curated grooming products for men. The samples are often higher-end products which you may not find in your grocery store. Many of the products are traditionally found in boutique shops or would need to be ordered online. As an upgrade, you can sign up for BirchboxMan Plus, which comes with the five curated grooming and a lifestyle product. The bonus product could be anything from a tech gadget, a stylish accessory, or bartending tools. Each month the box of products is tailored to your personal "grooming profile" and hand-picked by the Birchbox team.

If you have no interest in signing up for a subscription, the site is still worth a look. The inventory of premium men's products offers a diverse selection of products, whether it's for yourself or you are purchasing a gift. Speaking of gifts, some of these products would make a great gift for your groomsmen, should you happen to have a wedding in the near future...

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