Arctic Buzz

Arctic Buzz is a company in Baltimore, Maryland that specializes in vodka ice cream. Make your next dessert more fun.

Arctic Buzz

The first time I came upon an alcoholic milkshake at a rather posh restaurant, I was shocked. I was shocked at seeing this item on the menu because ice cream and alcohol are two things that don’t necessarily mix. Secondly, I felt it was odd that a restaurant of that caliber was selling alcoholic milkshakes; for this food item seemed like something conjured by a naive teenager on a shift at the local burger joint. Of course, I ordered the alcoholic milkshake and immediately regretted my previous prejudice.

After sipping down my milkshake I contemplated on how the restaurant made the milkshake. Was it alcoholic ice cream or a shot of vodka mixed in with the ice cream? Regardless of how the alcoholic milkshake was made, a Baltimore, Maryland company created a vodka ice cream that tastes just as good as the milkshake I once had. That’s right, vodka ice cream is now being sold to the masses! And it passes the necessary tests, it tastes fantastic and a couple scoops gets you drunk!

Arctic Buzz is the Baltimore, Maryland born company that makes these vodka infused frozen dairy treats. Right now they provide six flavors including Chocolate, Coconut, Vanilla, Raspberry, Key Lime Pie, and Cookies & Cream. All these flavors have an alcohol content of 8.7%. Except for Coconut which has an alcohol content of 8.9%. If you are one of those people that claim “I only eat locally sourced foods,” you’re in luck as Arctic Buzz works with a local creamery that specifically tailors the frozen dairy treats for Arctic Buzz’s use.

So if you’ve ever wanted to get a kick out of your dessert, or ever dreamed of making your own vodka and ice cream milkshakes, purchase Arctic Buzz ice cream.

Please keep in mind that Arctic Buzz is for people 21+.

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