Wallet Ninja Multi-Purpose Tool

Wallet Ninja Multi-Purpose Tool

No, it is not a ninja star that fits in your wallet, but almost. The wallet ninja multi-purpose tool is a handy tool that can fit it in the Trove slim wallet or your daily money purse. This small, credit-card-sized item includes 16 different tools on it.

Bottle opener, fruit peeler,  3 different screw drivers (Philips, flat and robertson), 6 hex wrenches, can opener, an inch ruler, and a phone stand. It’s basically a swiss army knife that fits in your wallet.

The steel is crafted in a special way and heated four separate times to last you a lifetime. It’s stealth-like shape and feel allows it to be places anywhere and fit comfortably in your hand.

Bring it everywhere so your not left unprepared. Summer night and have nothing to open that ice-cold beer? Use the wallet ninja’s bottle opener. Slow day at work with nothing to do? Prop up your cell-phone and watch a movie – hands free!

Even if you want to use it as a ninja star you might even be able to do that.

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