Finally, a sofa perfect to fit in your bachelor pad. It is a modular, stackable sofa that provides multiple options to your seating arrangement. An armchair, chaise longue, three seater sofa, and even a bed for a guest; it can be changed according to your needs.

Removable and wash-safe upholstery allows you to clean your couch after that party you just threw. Upholstery is  made from one hundred percent recycled material that is not dyed and does not use any polluting chemicals. Produced using a green, eco-friendly production process that measures at 95 in x 35 in (approximately) and a height of 29 inches.

It is that versatile sofa that every house needs. Forms into a bed for your guests or seats two extra friends when you have some sort of soiree. The look for to have your living room adaptable is over. Time to get yourself one of these bad boys.