Replay by Ken Grimwood is an often overlooked science fiction classic that won the 1988 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel.  Often considered a time-travel novel, *Replay *is a book about going back in time, yet without all that hoity-toity, science heavy, sophisticated science fiction fanfare.

*Replay *is the story of Jeff Winston. The reader gets introduced to our main character as he is suffering through a heart attack in his home in 1988.  Jeff Winston then awakes in 1963 in his 18 year old body in his college dorm room.

Jeff Winston may now be in Atlanta in his college dorm room attending Emory University, but he still remembers everything from his life leading up to when he “died” in 1988.  Winston uses this knowledge to bet big money on sporting events, invest in companies that will later be with millions, and even try and win back his wife.

At just 320 pages *Replay *is a quick, fun read that’ll have you thinking, “If I had a chance to live my life over, how and what would I do differently”.