Many services and products adhere to the subscription business model. You have companies such as Netflix, Spotify, AMC, and Harry’s which helped popularize this business model. Of course book readers then asked, “Hey, why can’t there be a Netflix, but…. like for books?” Then the world laughed at them and said “Bro, it’s called the library.” Comic books are a different story.  New or old comic books can be tough to find. And if you lean more towards Marvel in the Marvel vs DC debate, Marvel has the perfect antidote for your wallet, time, and heart.

Marvel Unlimited is a necessity for any Marvel fan-boy. For the more casual comic book reader, Marvel Unlimited has vast library of Marvel characters and comics for an unbeatable price of $10/month. With Marvel Unlimited you get access to 15,000 Marvel comics which you can read on your desktop computer, or on your tablet and/or smartphone. All you need to do is have the app, and you have 15,000 Marvel comics at your fingertips. With the Marvel Unlimited app you can even save 12 comics, so you can read without needing to spend data.

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