Hotbox Roasters

Hotbox Roasters

13 years ago Oskar Blues renovated the way you drink craft beer by putting it in a can.  Now Oskar Blues is changing the way you drink coffee, again by putting it in a can.

The Hotbox Roaster cans are named “crowlers” and come from fair trade beans. Hotbox Roasters currently come in 3 flavors including:

  • Kenya Dig It – A dark roast with hints of lemon sweetness and dark chocolate stout flavors.
  • Frank Sumatra – A medium roast with earthy and citrus flavors.
  • Bolivia Newton John – A light bean with a smooth finish.

Hotbox Roasters are perfect for a coffee drinker on the go. Rather you are going to work, or in need that extra morning pick-me-up while out adventuring in the wilderness Hotbox Roasters is a life-saver.

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