Gift Guide: Urban Dweller

The perfect gift guide for the entrepreneurial spirit, the businessman, and/or the city commuter.

Gift Guide: Urban Dweller

Untuckit Fuligni Button-up Shirt


Tucking in your shirt is for amateurs. Sometimes you just have to let it hang loose and relax. Untuckit designed the perfect shirt so you don't have to stuff your button-up in your pants.

Rhone Commuter Pants


No need to dress down when you are going to be on the move. These commuter pants are perfect for a business trip or a first impression with your girlfriend's parents.

Pioneer Conference Speaker


Speaker phone is for amateurs, attach the Pioneer Conference Speaker to host a call and rejuice the iPhone. This is ideal for those with the remote work lifestyle (oh how I envy you).

Nest Secure System


Hopefully, you don't live in that part of the neighborhood, but if you do, Nest has your back. When you leave the house, the security system reminds you to set the alarm.

Ursa Major Face Wipes


If it is sensitive enough for your face, it is sensitive enough for the opposite end too. Made from bamboo, green tea, and aloe. All natural and healthy ingredients.

Tech Dopp Kit 2


Premium leather for all your carryables. Perfect for visiting the family or organizing your goods on the public transport. Keep all your technical gear organized.

Handmade Cooper Satchel Briefcase


Last but not least, every working man needs one of these. No need to replace your briefcase ever again, as this deal is a lifetime guarantee. Not a fan of mocha? No worries, it comes in Saddle and Black, too.

Paul Evans Poitier Double Monk Strap Dress Shoes


Businessman in the city? The monk strap dress shoe is a necessity. Paul Evans crafted the classiest pair I've seen: clean, simple, and an effectively stylish. As a side note, Sidney Poitier is an icon and actor of the civil rights era.