The handyman gift guide explains itself. If you have someone you wish to buy a gift for and they are constantly jumping from project to project, look no further. Even for the DIYer that has every tool imaginable, we provide some not often seen yet ideal suggestions.

Leatherman Wave


The leatherman wave multitool is the best out there. It fits more functionality (17 tools) but stays sleek and easy to carry. Multitasking? No problem, as the handyman may only have one hand to spare and that is all you need. Open and use any of the tools on the Leatherman Wave with one hand.

Best Made 9" Strongbox


An emblazoned box hand-made and hand-spot welded in the USA. The powder coated exterior gives it a clean look for those that keep the workbench and workshop spotless.

Noon Lighting System


No need to install an AI system just to get some smart lighting. Noon works by simply swapping the switches with the Noon lighting system, regardless of wiring or bulbs. Now, let there be light has a whole new tone, as you can configure the lights for your entire house by a few taps on your phone.

Wood Lathe Chisel Set


PSI Woodworking has an 8-piece woodworking chisel set for all skills sets. While it may be a few extra bucks, the sharpness on the chisels only lasts for a short period unless you purchase quality. This set is the perfect middle ground.

Beacon Lanterns


Late nights in your workshops never were easier, even if your workshop is in a poorly lit garage. The Beacon latern recharges up to 200 hours of use and has a steel body, so it can take quite the beating.

Grace USA 10-Piece Home Care Tool Kit


Forever Guarantees? Yeah, that is a thing. And this Grace USA brand toolkit has some of the best-built tools in the world. The company speaks for itself: Grace USA is a family own business and started making tools since 1941. That is way older than I am.

Anker PowerCore 10000


Charge your phone while you work. This is one of the lightest batteries for its ultra-compact power. The high-speed charging is a must for the new generation phones (works for iPhones or Android)

YETI Loadout 5-gallon Bucket


The ultra-durable LoadOutâ„¢ is designed to lug the heavy stuff. The bucket is nearly indestructible and can be used for whatever new project you are on (even if that project is fishing).Comes in 4 colors

Taylor Stich Core Pants


Makita Impact Driver


This impact driver gets the job done. It is last on the list, and for good reason. Every handyman needs one of these. The quickshift mode does the legwork and reduces the rotation once the screw is almost in place.