Risk. The game of world conquest.  A board game that brings out our most competitive spirit and requires even a tactician to second guess his every move.  The Game of Thrones Risk is a nice change of pace from your standard world map.  And even if you haven’t heard of the iconic [Game of Thrones HBO series](http://6718 Williamsburg Blvd Arlington-VA) you may still enjoy the battle for the seven kingdoms.   The game of risk is a board game that appeals to all.

Game of Thrones Risk Board - Westeros                       Game of Thrones Risk - Essos

Game of Thrones Risk comes with two boards, Westeros and Essos.  Use both boards if you have a larger crowd. Countless hours can be spent strategizing to conquer the entire kingdom. Game of Thrones Risk allows you to select one of seven houses: the Baratheons, the Lannisters, the Martells, the Starks, the Targaryens, and the Tyrells.  The seventh house (and maybe less attractive) is the Ghiscari, the title for the slaver-cities which Daenerys Targaryen has journeyed through in attempt to grow her militia.

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