Distiller App

Distiller App

Amongst your unsophisticated friends have you ever wanted to be the whiskey connoisseur?  If the answer is yes, then you should check out this sweet app. It’s called Distiller and can be your whiskey drinking companion. So develop your whiskey palate and stop drinking those sub-par, poser whiskey brands.

This smartphone app provides personal recommendations, sharing features, and advice for your later bottles. Experts give their feedback on whiskey, you give yours. The apps special algorithm analyzes data for thousands of bottles to tailor this experience for you. From discoverable attributes like price and reputation to an excellent visualization of data, this distiller app will provide you with all your whiskey needs.

So future whiskey experts, sit back. Smoke a cigar. And pour your first whiskey of choice – let the Distiller app do the rest. What do you have to loose.

For you on your Android smartphone.

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